Delivery Policy

Need flowers delivered?

You need not pay a fortune to have your bouquet or arrangements delivered. As we deliver all local orders ourselves, we are able to keep delivery fees to a minimum.

Recipient Not Home

If you have specific instructions for the delivery of your order, please note them in the Special Delivery Instructions field during checkout. In all other cases, if the recipient is not at home when we attempt a delivery, we will either:

  • Call the recipient
  • Call the sender (Australia only)
  • Leave the arrangement in a covered area at the entrance of the home (porch, garage, or other entrance)
  • Leave the order with a neighbour.

If the Delivery Driver feels it is inappropriate or unsafe to leave an order unattended, it will be returned to the store. We will contact the sender to arrange collection or redelivery. Additional delivery charges may apply.


You must be 18 years or older to order or receive alcoholic beverages. 

Alcohol cannot be ordered seperately. Gifts which include alcohol cannot be delivered to the orderer/purchaser, cannot it be delivered to, or accepted by a minor, nor can the gift be left at the premises without being accepted by an adult.

Apartment Buildings

WA Florists will gladly deliver to the recipients Apartment Building. However, for the safety of our staff, the delivery person will not deliver beyond the building Foyer/Entrance Hall. If the foyer area is locked, we will call the recipient to meet the driver. If the recipient does not respond to the call, we will send the recipient a notification that the order was delivered with details of where they have been placed.

Specific Delivery Times

All deliveries runs are conducted in geographical order. Unexpected delays may occur from time to time and some deliveries, because of their nature, may take longer than others. For these reasons, WA Florists cannot offer specific delivery times on standard orders. 

Delivery Suburb Not Listed?

WA Florists only deliver to suburbs shown. If the order is for a location not listed, we will email you to advise the order has been cancelled and refunded. If a refund is necessary, a surcharge may be applied by financial institutions.

WA Florists use External Network Providers and their catalogues for Out of Town, Interstate and Overseas orders. Please call us for any orders outside the listed delivery Suburbs.

Funeral Flowers

Important: When ordering flowers for the funeral, it is important to check which Provider is conducting the services, as flowers for the ceremony will need to be delivered a day in advance to the service provider, please ensure the Provider accepts deliveries the day before. We do not deliver to the funeral, church service or cemetary.

This Policy

This Policy applies to all standard delivery orders made with WA Florists Pty Ltd.

WA Florists, its Directors and/or Staff are not liable in any way for any offer or request made by any person that is not compliant with this policy.