Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it doesnt need to be. Allow WA Florists to help you plan your floral arrangements.

Our wedding floral designs and selection services include:

  • Bouquets
  • Table Arrangements including Centre Pieces
  • Arbours arrangements
  • Hanging arrangements
  • Church Arrangements
  • Bespoke client designs (Your ideas)

What information should you bring to your wedding consultation?

To enable us to accurately identify your requirements and help you achieve your dream wedding the following list is provided as a guide on what to bring. You may also choose to email us beforehand:

- Your Wedding Date, are we available on your big day

- The Wedding Location, in addition to the venue address, be sure to let us know if the Ceremony or Reception is indoors or outdoors. We will also need any restrictions that the event location may have. For example; they may not allow candles, have set bump in and out times or other requirements. 

- Inspirational Wedding Images, if you have photos of the bridal bouquet, or similar, that you would like, bring them along. If you also have other inspirational images, such as back drops, arbour arrangements or even the corsage you want for grandma. Bring them all. If you want flowers on them, it's also helpful if you can bring photos of the Church pews and Arbours or Backdrops where wedding flowers arrangements will be located.

- Wedding Colours and Colour Pallets, Will your bridesmaids or groomsmen need arrangements to suit what they are wearing, bring sample images if not photos of the outfits they will wear.

- A list of Key Wedding Attendees that you want to accomodate with wedding florals, such as important relatives that will be wearing Corsages or Boutonnieres and don't forget Ring Bearers and Flower Girls.

How much notice does the Florist require?

The answer is relative to what flowers and flower arrangements you require. Our preference is that:

  • If you need a simple Bridal Bouquet using stocked flowers a weeks notice is preferred.
  • If you require just the Bouquets and Boutonnieres for the Wedding Party that has very specific requirements than it could be as much as a month to 6 weeks.
  • If you want us to provide bespoke Wedding Flowers Arrangements for the Bridal Party, Ceremony and Reception and want full install, we may require up to 90 Days notice.

Regardless, we will do our best to accommodate your timeline.

Do I need to attend a Wedding Consult?

Yes. Due to the infinite variables available, we provide Estimates only after you have attended a face to face consultation. We do not provide pricing where a customer requests pricing via social media feeds or email. So, you will need to book a face to face consultation to get a accurate pricing.

To arrange a consultation, email us at or call (08) 9240 4734 to take your first step toward a beautiful wedding.

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